Commercial Air Purification and Dehumidification System for Animal Grooming and Drying Facilities ( Moderate Contaminant Model ) ( COMBO )

Wide Range Air Purification & Dehumidification, Scrubs and Cleans Contaminated Air, Found in Animal Grooming and Holding Areas, While Controlling Humidity Associated with Grooming Salons, Animal Clinics, Pet Day Care, and Animal Kennels


  • EASY TO OPERATE SYSTEM- Set desired humidity, monitor filters, and forget it!
  • Humidity Control-XD-125 Dehumidifier extracts up to 125 Pints of Water per Day and Auto Drains through 20 FT. Hose which can pump 15 ft. vertically
  • 4 Stage Progressively Finer Filter Sequence- Essentially captures from large to the smallest contaminants generally found in animal grooming, drying, and high activity areas. An outer mesh is easily accessed externally for ease of cleaning, while an inner, fine mesh filter, as well as two composite filters, are located inside a convenient hinged cover  
  • Thorough Clean- All 4 filters are removable for thorough cleaning and washing. The X-3380 removes airborne contaminants, and hair both thick and fine. Even tiny particulates such as dust and dander are removable with the APDS-2 System with periodic “Thorough Clean” evolutions
  • Energy Efficient– This Combined System Draws only a Low 10 Amps from a standard 20 Amp US Outlet and has an outstanding reputation for motor reliability and system reliability
  • LOW MAINTENANCE- 15 ft. ducting hose connects air purifier/scrubber to the dehumidifier to ensure clean air enters the dehumidifier, through its own backup filter, effectively diminishing clogging and downtime
  • ETL/CETL SAFETY CERTIFIED– As a responsible manufacturer, XPOWER insists on certification to protect hardworking groomers and equipment owners from both physical as well as financial liabilities



  • 1 x XPOWER X-3380 Air Purifier/Scrubber
  • 1 x XPOWER 8DH15 Ducting Hose
  • 1 x XPOWER XD-125 Commercial Dehumidifier
  • 1 x XPOWER ASK125 Ducting Adapter


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