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XPOWER CONFINED SPACE has a variety of XPOWER air movers to help alleviate any workload that requires specialized air movement. The XPOWER X-47ATR axial blower with optional adapter and ducting hose was first introduced into the market as a portable ventilator, but industry professionals called for a more compact confined space fan, hence the introduction of the XPOWER X-8 and the XPOWER X-12.


Constructed with a sealed motor and durable ABS injection mold housing, XPOWER confined space fans are becoming the choice portable ventilator for spaces that have limited entry or exit. A low amp draw allows all XPOWER air movers to operate efficiently whether sourcing power from a wall outlet or generator. A variable speed switch with optional ducting will provide the proper confined space ventilation to sites where natural ventilation does not occur. With an adapter included on the intake side as well, XPOWER confined axial blowers can double as a portable exhaust fan to remove trapped gases. A dual thermal protected motor and ETL certification assures that safety is always the priority in emergency rescue and confined space extraction situations.

Avoid confined space ventilators constructed with metal housings that conduct electricity. Breathe easy knowing that lightweight, durable ABS XPOWER confined space fans provide a safe an efficient alternative for your application.

XPOWER Confined Space Fans are great for crawl spaces and ventilation ducts, a must have tool for any HVAC contractor! Available with a 25 foot hose kit.

XPOWER’s lineup of axial blowers now offer 2 different confined space ventilators with optional 25 foot polyester ducting that will help direct fresh air to where you need it. XPOWER confined space fans provide the ventilation ideal for attics, basements, crawl spaces, and manholes. You will also find XPOWER confined space fans in safety and emergency rescue scenarios.

  • The XPOWER X-8 & X-12 are ideal for moving massive volumes of air for ventilating any narrow space
  • Specialized confined space fan designed for crawl spaces, attics, between walls and ductwork
  • High torque sealed induction motors provide the airflow needed to ventilate worksites quickly
  • Low amp draw with up to a massive 2500 CFM using a variable speed control
  • Optional 15ft & 25ft duct-kits for turn-key ventilation systems