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XPOWER manufactures a huge selection of carpet & pet dryers that are ideal for an array of commercial drying applications. For all your heavy-duty air circulation needs such as drying carpets, floors or ceilings, XPOWER professional-grade dryers will get the job done quickly. With industrial-strength pet dryers, XPOWER’s grooming line will help you increase profits and maximinze productivity for you and your grooming team.

  • Options range from home dryers to pet dryers
  • Powerful models up to 6 HP
  • Options for wall, stand and cage mount drying
  • Perfect for the home or professional pet groomer
  • Portable and multipurpose design for versatility



AirChaser.com offers XPOWER’s full line of high-quality dog hair dryers for home use. A dog hair dryer is an essential tool that works alongside brushes, undercoat rakes, clippers, shampoos, and conditioners to provide pet parents with a complete grooming solution. These are for home-use and are designed with safety and ease in mind in order to give both you and your pets a pleasant grooming experience.

Safety – There are various ingredients that contribute to a safe dog hair dryer for grooming salons or home use:
  • Air Pressure: Many types of commercial dog dryers are available to professional dog groomers, including powerful double-motor models that produce an extremely high-velocity airflow. This kind of powerful air pressure can be dangerous to use on pets without professional training. XPOWER dog hair dryers for home-use produce just enough air velocity to dry your dogs efficiently. However, don’t be fooled — The air velocity is still comparable to compact single-motor commercial dog dryers, which are best suited for student and house-call groomers.
  • Heat: Human hair dryers have heat options that can easily burn our pets if we are not careful, with maximum temperatures up to 130°F. These are for home-use and produce natural motor heat that is safer for dogs, with a maximum temperature range of 90-95°F in an ambient room temperature.
  • Electricity: To produce extremely powerful air pressure, commercial dog dryers require a lot of electricity in the motors to maintain a high rotational speed. Some commercial dog dryers draw the maximum amount of electricity from standard power outlets, which can either cause power breakers to trip or become a potential hazard for electrical fires. These are for home use and bear the ETL Certification Mark — proof of compliance through North American electrical safety standards — in order to provide you and your pets with peace of mind.
Ease – Drying your dog should not be seen as a difficult challenge, whether by you or your furry friend; XPOWER dog hair dryers for home use put emphasis on the following to help make dog drying easier:
  • Simple Features: With simple features that are clear and straightforward, these are easy for all pet parents to use at home.
  • Noise: Engineered to produce less noise than commercial dog dryers, these models offer an easier experience for your dog. As your furry friend adapts and becomes less anxious, it also becomes easier for you!