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Drum fans are Portable industrial fans which are usually axial or centrifugal in operation .They can be used for a variety of purposes which includes, cooling and air movement applications, for cooling staff in industries, livestock, or creating a breeze in a photographic studio. These type of Fans are the portable solution for moving large amounts of air at higher velocities. They are usually the best way to stay cool this summer. Also Just like we all have various ways of keeping cool there are various Drum fans for this purpose The reasons are as varied and unique as the fans themselves.

  • The new XPOWER FD-650DC Drum Fan can ventilate large spaces like warehouses, barns and other work-shop settings
  • Extremely efficient 1/2 HP brushless DC motor rated at 9,500 CFM while only drawing a maximum 1.8 Amps
  • Solid steel housing and fan blades ensure long term life and performance in the toughest conditions
  • 360* Degree rotating rack and convenient wheels allows you to move and direct airflow where you need it most
  • ETL/C-ETL Certified for safe use and transport in the warehouse, on the farm or even around your house


There are different types of Drum Fans available and includes the Axial drum fans or the Centrifugal drum fans. Drum Fans are similar to shop fan, commercial floor fan, High velocity blower fan, large floor fans as they are best way to move a lot of air in a space especially when you are unable to use a permanent installation. In High velocity blower fan air leaves the fan at a high speed .They are used mainly for large air volume movers, perfect for large spaces or drying wet surfaces. However Commercial floor fan and, large floor fans usually have industrial applications. They have for a long time been popular assets for companies and organizations.


AirChaser.com offers the most recent Commercial Drum fans of good quality, with effective outdoor cooling systems. Different types of Drum Fans products with good outdoor cooling system, ranging from the Axial drum fans types to the Centrifugal drum fans is available at affordable cost upon order. This will provide optimal benefits of the mist fan for your convenience and comfort. With us you will be able to find the perfect satisfaction for your business or personal demands.