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Summer is finally here! Be prepared with XPOWER’s amazing FM-48 Portable Professional Misting Fan System. The temperature is quickly rising and so are the outdoor activities, be out there in comfort by utilizing science and technology with natural water to cool yourself drastically. Whether you’re outside for a pool party or just enjoying the summer on your patio alone with a book, the XPOWER FM-48 allows you to stay outside longer to fully enjoy the extended sunshine.

XPOWER misting fan FM-48


• The first is a classic example of water cooling. Water cooling is more efficient than air cooling alone. Most cars use to be air-cooled, but with the rise of high performance and highly efficient engines, water cooling became the standard. It is able to remove heat much faster by absorbing the heat faster and more through on contact. Water has about 20-25x the thermal conductivity of air, so a water-misting fan will be able to transfer the heat on your skin into the water much faster than a regular fan would be able to take that same heat and push it into the air.

• After that, evaporative cooling takes over and cools you even further. The heat energy in the water escapes the surface and evaporates into the air. This loss of heat energy lowers the temperature of the water left on your skin. That is evaporative cooling in a nutshell. This is also how your sweat cools you. It takes heat energy inside your body, expels it out to the surface and that evaporation cools you even more. Evaporative cooling is more efficient when there is wind, so the FM-48 maximizes evaporative cooling by being both a mister and a fan.

XPOWER misting fan nozzles

Evaporative cooling is more efficient when there is wind, so the FM-48 maximizes evaporative cooling by being both a mister and fan.

The FM-48 portable misting fan is great for residential or business applications. Home owners use our fans primarily to cool a backyard lounge area throughout the summer. It’s also great for those outdoor barbeques to keep you cool when the sun and charcoal are firing off. Users have also reported that the FM-48 works great as a plant mister for small nurseries and gardens. In fact, we have sold many FM-48’s to nursery businesses with great success. Farmers and ranch owners have reported using the FM-48 to cool their horses and sometimes cattle and told us the mist keeps the animals calm and their diet and coats stay regular.

If you’re a restaurateur with a lot of open patio space, the FM-48 is your perfect outdoor cooling solution for keeping your patrons cool during the summer. Numerous restaurant and bar owners have told us the FM-48 sets up easily and produces a wide area of mist to cover large groups. The speed control and powerful stream allows you to keep the mist light enough to evaporate but strong enough to reach quite far. Let XPOWER keep your business cool and busy through the heat!

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