Why Select Air Chaser’s Air Movers for Water Damage / Restoration Users?

Air Chaser has selected a new generation of air movers for drying applications in the Water Damage / Restoration Industry. In addition to being at the top of the performance chart in all categories, our air movers represent a cutting edge design and  using materials that far exceed industry standards in reliability and durability. Compact and lightweight designs result by using more rugged plastics – both ABS and polypropylene versus polyurethane – and costlier, more precise injection molding versus rotomolding manufacturing technology.


Along with room drying, Air Chaser’s air movers are made for drying small spaces, corridors, vertical or 360 degree expanses. Incorporating either 3 speed or variable speed control solutions, continuous or up to a 3 hour timer control operation,  and a “Daisy Chain” feature that allows multiple unit connections on the same electrical circuit, XPOWER air movers also offer stackable storage, easy transport and super quiet operation. Each air mover comes with a worldwide ETL and UL safety certification for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re aiming for a fast finishing time or maximum billing, Air Chaser offers the best air drying solutions for the Water Damage / Restoration Industry.


Air Chaser Recommendations for Water Damage / Restoration Uses: 

  1. XPOWER P-230 Mini Air Mover at less than 10 lbs is super lightweight and compact in size. Ideal for tight-space drying under counters, in bathrooms, and inside cabinets. This unit has 3 speeds and uses less than 3 AMPs of power while producing 800 CFM with a daisy chain feature that connects  multiple units on the same electrical outlet without an extension cord. It is equipped with a 3 hour timer that allows continual running or precise, time control drying.
  2. XPOWER X-400A Air Mover is a full sized unit weighing about 17 lbs, used primarily for smaller drying areas and confined spaces where large air movers are not practical. Ideal for commercial as well as residential uses, the 3 speed 400 produces 1600 CFM air volume with a ¼ HP motor and uses 3 AMPs of electricity. Equipped with the “Daisy Chain” interconnection feature and made of super tough ABS plastic, this unit promises many years of reliable service.
  3. XPOWER X-600A Air Mover is a high performance, full sized unit that’s 40% lighter than rivals at only 22 lbs. Used for large area drying in commercial or residential settings where its higher 2400 CFM air volume is needed, this 1/3 HP workhorse draws less than 4 AMPs with 3 speed control switch and is equipped with the “Daisy Chain” interconnection feature. The stackable X-600A also is constructed of tough ABS plastic.
  4. XPOWER X-830 Air Mover was designed for commercial and large restoration jobs. The 1 HP motor produces 3,600 CFM while using only 8.5 AMPs. This makes this air mover a favorite for many of those large insurance jobs. This full sized model has all the toughness, reliability, and easy storage characteristics necessary for big jobs.
  5. XPOWER X-47ATR Axial Fan, at less than 22.2 lbs, is the lightest, full-sized, axial fan on the market. This unique motor and design uses less than 2.8 AMPs of power while producing a whopping 3600 CFM air flow. The high motor torque with a concentrated tunnel of air flow pushes out up to 60 feet for optimum surface or wall drying, while the 360 degree swivel stand allows direction control. Most importantly, it is equipped with a variable speed motor control, allowing more versatility than any air mover on the market today. Comes with an optional-use 3 hour timer and built-in daisy chain feature which can connect multiple units on the same electrical outlet without an extension cord.