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Centrifugal air movers and fans are used throughout the construction industry as a great way to cool down your team. Construction is a hard craft that will produce heat and with summer weather, a high-speed centrifugal fan allows construction workers to work longer and better. You can utilize the different models in XPOWER’s Centrifugal Fan series all over your work site. Have the smaller models like the P-80A or P-130A blow directly at your crew for all-day comfort. Use a large P-600A or P-800 to blow massive amounts of air, fast enough to push the sweat off and cool someone down fast.


You can also use these fans to help with your construction business. Great for drying paint in any kind of room or hallway and especially great when used on finishing tasks like putting up drywall and installing carpet. Centrifugal fans excel at curing and drying these objects. The faster the job done, the more money you can make! Use XPOWER Centrifugal Fans to improve your business today!


  • Drying and ventilation is critical in construction to ensure deadlines and heath
  • Drying and curing surfaces, seals, cement, drywall faster and better
  • Ventilate enclosed spaces to keep your workers going strong
  • Heat, chemical and shock resistant housing is designed for rough enviroments
  • Timers, GFCI outlets and other features designed for construction use