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Increase your business exposure with a catchy Tube Man that dances wild without tube man blowers. Guaranteed to catch the eye! Advertising inflatables like tall tube dancers are great for attracting business! We make blowers for 10 to 20 feet tube displays. Available LED lighting for a maximum night-time exposure.


XPOWER tube man blowers are great for advertising businesses
Optional LED lights to attract eyes at night
Inflates 20 ft+ tube man air dancers, can also be used for scarecrows
Heat, chemical and shock-resistant injection molded housing
ETL/C-ETL Models available for use in rainy weather


You may be familiar with the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man (, popularized by animated sitcom Family Guy ( The Invention of the inflatable dancing man, originally named the Tall Boy (, came in 1996 for the Summer Olympics, and Tube Man Blowers are essential for bringing these air puppets to life. carries the full line of XPOWER Tube Man Blowers, offering safety-certified blower fans, as well as models with built-in, LED light kits for Tube Men from 6ft to 20ft, as well as small inflatable advertising pillars for a maximum night-time exposure.