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XPOWER professional force pet dryers reduce drying time with powerful airflow and low amp draw. These force pet dryers are very ideal for vet clinics, groomers, and more. offers the widest range of dog force dryers on the market! From mobile to DIY pet grooming dryers, we have them all. Revolutionary brushless force dryer is the next generation of pet drying!

  • Complete range of XPOWER Force Dryers from 2HP to 6HP
  • Models for Mobile Groomers, DIY Wash, and Confirmation Groomers
  • Revolutionary brushless DC model available with variable speed and heat
  • Engineered housing and motor balancing to provide the quietest force dryers
  • Included nozzle attachments for drying different coats and areas
  • Optional wall mounts and stand kits for added mobility



Force Pet Dryers—also known as high-velocity dryer, blasters, or canister dryers—utilize motors with high RPM (revolutions per minute) to produce a strong, concentrated airflow. For professional pet grooming, the force dryer is a must-have timesaver that rapidly removes most of the water from a pet following the bathing/washing process.

THE BEST PET DRYER BRAND carries the best force dryers for dogs with the complete line from XPOWER. Designed with the comfort of grooming professionals in mind, XPOWER Force Dryers are powerful, durable, lightweight, and utilize a patented noise reduction system to provide you with the quietest force dryers in the market. XPOWER Force Dryers include options for both speed and temperature controls to provide you with the most versatility to achieve the best results on any coat type; additionally, we are proud to be a distributor to the only brushless motor force dryers in the world! By eliminating carbon brushes, these force dryers last 6 times longer and do not produce carbon dust, which is harmful to you and the pets with prolonged inhalation.

Whether you are looking for a compact, portable single-motor force dryer for your mobile or house-call grooming business or a heavy-duty double-motor force dryer to add to your grooming salon, has the perfect force dryer for your needs.