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As a restoration specialist, the two most crucial pieces of equipment are LGR dehumidifiers and air movers. Check out our new LGR ultra compact dehumidifiers. Same great performance as traditional dehumidifiers but less than half the size. We guarantee the new XPOWER’s outstand performance and ground breaking new design for these LGR units will blow you away.


  • XPOWER Commercial Dehumidifiers are an essential tool in many industries
  • Compact models weigh 30% less and are half the size of traditional dehumidifiers
  • Remove massive amounts of water in any environment with LGR technology
  • Integrated circuit board monitors humidity, operating time, and auto purge
  • ETL/C-ETL Certified for electric safety in water damaged areas



The XPOWER LGR dehumidifiers certainly does not disappoint with powerful CFM, up to 85 pints of water withdrawal per day under AHAM. All of the LGR dehumidifiers Air Chaser offers are all built into a portable, compact box-like design. XPOWER’s patent pending “Dual Intake Technology” which makes their LGR dehumidifiers the best commercial dehumidifier compared to the competition. It works by doubling the air moving capacity with the use of two intakes.


With a capacity of 85 pints a day and its ability to auto drain and run on autopilot you can have multiple machines running in every corner of a shop, home, office or building at the same time but without having to worry about checking the water levels of each. Plus, it frees you up to take care of other water restoration tasks like running sumps or operating a shop vac.



How to Choose the Right Dehumidifier for Water Damage restoration. Learn the difference between Refrigerant, Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) and Desiccant Dehumidifiers is vital to make the right buying deicision. Call our customer serivice to have our expert guide you to the right unit for your need.