Why Select Air Chaser’s Air Movers for Jan/San Uses??

Air Chaser’s Janitorial and Sanitation Air Mover selections are by far the widest and most adaptable for this industry’s drying needs. Less time spent with the highest quality of results leads to less costs and higher customer satisfaction on each and every job requiring a fast, complete professional finish. Our air movers are the most powerful, reliable, toughest and least costly to purchase and operate.

The Most Cost Effective Air Movers for Your Cleaning Arsenal

When you purchase Air Chaser’s XPOWER Air Moving / Drying equipment,and it’s yours for years to come with virtually maintenance-free operation. XPOWER’s all-purpose work horses will dry anything wet or damp and do it faster and more completely than any other equipment. Not just fans, these air movers produce concentrated air volume on average of 4-8 oscillating fans in a single, rugged, lightweight and compact unit.

Whether you wet or steam clean carpets, dry large or small floor areas, need frequent cleaning and drying of high traffic areas such as restrooms or just require anti-slip drying of ice or water at busy entryways, Air Chaser has just the right dryer for you. And you’ll hardly know they’re around, since they’re stackable, easily transportable and super-quiet to operate.

These air movers have worldwide ETL and UL safety certification for indoor and outdoor use.

The Air Movers That Do The Job:

XPower P-230 Mini Air Mover at just under 10 lbs, is super lightweight and compact in size. Ideal for tight-space drying under counters, in bathrooms and inside cabinets. This unit has a 3 speed motor and uses less than 3 AMPs of power with a built-in daisy chain feature which can connect multiply units on the same electrical outlet without an extension cord and comes equipped wih a 3 hour timer that allows continual running or precise, time control drying.

XPower P-800 Top of the Line, Large Air Mover weighs just 23 lbs and is 40% lighter than competing models with a ¾ HP, 3200 CFM air volume output. Designed for large area drying jobs, it is equipped with a 3 speed motor control and consumes just over 7 AMPs at max speed. Perfectly suited for public venues as well as private homes where low noise levels are required, this high power air mover gets the big jobs done quickly and effectively, whether floor or carpet drying. The P-800, just like the other XPOWER air movers, is compact, easily stacks for storage, and has an optional telescoping handle accessory. Easy roll wheels give it even greater portability.

XPower P-630 Air Mover at less than 19 lbs, has the lightest weight for a full sized, 2400 CFM commercial blower and suits the larger drying jobs in the Jan/San industry such as drying wet carpet from flooding or leaks, wet or steam carpet clean drying, paint drying or anti-icing of entry point carpeting. The P-630 uses 5 AMPs of power with a 3 speed motor control.

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