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XPOWER commercial high velocity fans are powerful and energy efficient with safety certifications. We have floor fans to cool large spaces for ventilation or for drying. Improve air flow in any home with a heavy duty commercial grade axial floor fans, misting fans for outdoor entertainment, and more. Find what you need to improve daily living condition here at

  • Horsepower range from 1/4 HP to 1/2 HP
  • Dual thermal protection for high temperature draw
  • Maximum CFM up to 3600 CFM
  • Axial fan with 360 degree rotation for multiple drying positions
  • Lightweight & stackable unit for easy storage offers a comprehensive line of the best fans for home-use, with the following types available.

Centrifugal Fans – from small centrifugal fans to large, these lightweight and powerful equipment are able to move large amounts of air at a low electricity draw to promote a high rate of air circulation for a diversity of home-use:
  • Ventilation: by circulating a large air volume, the environment can be ventilated and cooled quickly.
  • Drying: we carry the biggest selection of sizes to cater to different areas; whether you need to dry the pipe leakage underneath your bathroom sink or a huge spill on your carpet, you will find the ideal fit for your needs.
  • Cooling: aside from ice cold beverages and a big patch of shade, water also serves as one of the cooling options for those hot summer days spent in the outdoors. The Misting Fan is the perfect outdoor cooling solution for your yard, patio, porch, or deck.
  • Air Freshening: in a room with stagnant air, air freshener sprays and oil diffusers may not be enough to efficiently freshen the entire space. The Scented Air Mover fan combines the centrifugal fan’s high rate of air circulation with XPOWER’s patented refillable scent diffusing cartridge to rapidly fill the room with a pleasing fragrance.
Axial Fans – designed with commercial use in mind, XPOWER Axial Fans are rugged and durable. XPOWER Axial Fans produce a high volume of focused, directional flow with high velocity, delivering air to locations more than 100 ft. away. For home-use, Axial Fans are mainly utilized for:
  • Bounce houses: Inflate bounce houses up to 20’W x 20’L.
  • Inflatable Outdoor Decorations: Small inflatable blowers for seasonal yard decorations.
  • DIY Projects: Whether it’s a composting bin or a carousel pipe organ, XPOWER high-static blowers have been considered for a variety of DIY Projects for their affordability and quality.
Tube Man Blowers – You may be familiar with the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man (, popularized by animated sitcom Family Guy ( XPOWER’s Tube Man Blowers are essential for bringing these air puppets to life, and may be utilized for home-use:
  • Ventilation: by circulating a large air volume, the environment can be ventilated and cooled quickly; the focused airflow allows a wide range of distances for fan placement.
  • Drying: with a 360° rotational rack, Axial Fans may be adjusted to dry hard-to-reach spots, such as ceilings. In professional water damage restoration, axial fans are placed in the center of a room (up to 400 sq. ft) and adjusted to point directly downward; the focused airflow is able to travel across the floor and up the walls to the ceiling, effectively drying all surfaces of the saturated space.