Save Time and Money with XPOWER Air Movers

XPOWER Air Movers are a necessary tool to efficiently complete tasks yourself without needing to hire expensive service companies. These surprisingly affordable professional machines are the same products used by the water damage restoration and carpet cleaning industries. Not just standard fans, XPOWER equipment produces a concentrated air volume up to 10x more powerful than oscillating fans in a single, rugged, lightweight, and compact unit. You’ll hardly know they’re around with stackable storage, easy transport, and super quiet operation.

Shop Air Chaser to equip your properties with the ability to promote a guest friendly environment and maximize occupancy by reducing costly repair/restoration costs and wait times.

Use XPOWER Air Movers to….

  • Dry Carpets
  • Quickly Dry Mopped Floors
  • Dry Painted Walls
  • Clean up Plumbing Leaks/Repairs
  • Dry Heavily Trafficked Lobby Areas during Snowy & Rainy Seasons
  • Thaw Frozen Carpets
  • Prevent Fungus and Mold
  • Ventilate/Circulate Air

XPOWER Air Scrubbers will Purify Air and….

  • Clean air of contaminants and neutralize odor
  • Remove Cigarette Smoke
  • Remove Paint Fumes
  • Eliminate other Odors
  • Remove Fungus/Mold Spores in the Air
  • Clean up Air after Remodeling/Construction

XPOWER Hand Held Dusters will….

  • Replace Costly Canned Air Dusters
  • Dust Hard to Reach Small Crevices
  • Clean Window Blinds
  • Clean Air Conditioning Vents

Use XPOWER Dehumidifying Systems to….

  • Reduce Humidity Levels for Efficient Drying
  • Eliminate/Prevent Mold
  • Accomplish Deep Drying of Water Damaged Areas
  • Lower Air Conditioning Costs
  • Efficiently Improve Uncomfortably Humid Areas