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XPOWER professional finishing stand pet dryers are perfect for the master groomer who needs massive air volume with controllable heat to provide the widest array of coat styles. Revolutionary brushless DC motor technology provides the ultimate in performance, efficiency and reliability. No more brushes to change, no more decreasing power. Our finishing dryers allow you the air volume and heat required to style any coat there is.


  • XPOWER Stand Dryers utilize the newest technology to bring groomers the finest drying tool
  • Absolutely massive air volume and completely variable heat allows groomers to style and volumize coats with ease
  • Brushless DC Motor and modern circuit board technology provides years of use without having diminished performance
  • No carbon dust residue, no decreasing performance, no high pitched brush noise, no need to replace brushes
  • Anti-static ANION feature produces negative ions to achieve ultimate frizz control


The Finishing Dryer—commonly known as stand dryer for dog grooming or, simply, fluff dryer—is the most important tool to achieving a show quality finish in professional dog grooming. Compared to force dryers which produce a low volume of high velocity airflow, finishing dryers produce a higher volume of gentler airflow. Combined with controllable heat and mounted on a stand, finishing dryers provide pet grooming professionals the ideal versatility and freedom with both hands to effectively set and seal a dog’s coat.


WHY PEOPLE LOVE OUR FINISHING DRYERS carries the best finishing dryers in the market, manufactured by XPOWER. Designed with the comfort of grooming professionals in mind, XPOWER Finishing Dryers are durable, lightweight, and quiet. Equipped with a long-lasting brushless motor, XPOWER Finishing Dryers are maintenance-free and do not produce carbon dust resulting from carbon brush wear, keeping your lungs healthy and the dog’s coat clean. The variable speed and variable heat options on all XPOWER Finishing Dryers provide the precise control you need to finish the coat with ease, and the compact adjustable stand with lockable wheels gives you more space to work with in the grooming salon.

2 models of XPOWER Finishing Dryers are available (B-16 and B-16S), with 1 providing more heat than the other; whether you are an avid poodle groomer or simply have frequent double-coated visitors, you will find the best finishing dryers for sale at