Air Chaser Inflatable Blowers

Air Chaser has selected the top of the line, inflatable, cold air blowers from XPOWER for advertising professionals, offering a wide array of high static pressure and high CFM machines for every type of job from “Sewn-In”, 1/8 H.P. to “Super- Size”, 2 H.P. Blowers. Professionals choose Air Chaser’s inflatable products because the equipment offered exceeds the advertising industry’s performance, reliability, and durability standards, while being the quietest, lightest, and most power-stingy, inflatable blowers available.

The Most Affordable Advertising Blowers in the Advertising Industry:

Volume buys from the factory ensure the lowest price possible and yes, we do offer quantity discounts.

The Most Reliable Blowers:

Virtually maintenance-free motors offer long operational life and a unique motor design provides much quieter noise levels while using much less electricity.

The Greatest Unit Mobility:

Made with durable/lightweight polypropylene plastic and using the injection molding process, Air Chaser’s units are super lightweight and compact. Easy to carry, less bulky means greater placement versatility.

The Most Innovative Design:

The BR Series of motor design includes a nozzle with raised flange for ease of inflatable attachment. Our high CFM 800 Series units come with the optional use Polypropylene Plastic Inflatable Kit which securely screws-on the 800I and 830I unit and offers a ¼ inch raised outer lip with a 2 inch wide attached, Velcro strip to ensure a snug, worry-free marriage of advertisement and blower.

The Most Complete Line of Advertising Blowers:

From high static pressure 1/8 HP to 2 HP and the 3200 and 3600 CFM, high air volume 800I and 830I, Air Chaser has brought together the widest range inflatable cold-air blowers available.

The Highest Worldwide Safety Certification:

To ensure the widest worldwide application, the inflatable blowers we carry, has been awarded the most extensive ETL and UL safety certification for both indoor and outdoor advertising use.