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Home is where the heart is! Reduce moisture and get rid of odor and allergens to provide your home an absolute safe place for you and your loved ones. Long term health and comfort have huge impact on one’s daily well-being. XPOWER manufactures and designs high quality equipment tested in commercial and industrial environments to ensure safety and top results. We provide a wide range of dryers, air movers, air purifiers, and pet dryers.

  • ✔ Oustanding Professional grade pet dryers for pet parents
  • ✔ Light and durable floor and carpet dryer design
  • ✔ Advanced air purification technology by XPOWER
  • ✔ Effectively dries the all type of floor, furniture, walls, ceiling, carpet, etc
  • ✔ Maximum CFM to provide professional results for residential use


Here at Air Chaser, we are proud of our high advanced 3 to 4 stage HEPA air scrubber units for their outstanding performance. For many years, XPOWER air scrubber system has been the best-selling professional grade air scrubbers for home and businesses. XPOWER scented air movers with a negative ion switch are making their way to be the new best-selling home units.


Get the benefits of a high-power air mover with a quality room freshener in one mini machine! The XPOWER Scented Freshen Aires provide professional quality airflow and freshening scents. XPOWER offers a variety of relaxing aroma beads for you to choose. Every scented air mover you buy from Air Chaser will come with a sample pack of beads. Additional scents include Key Lime, Grapefruit, Fresh Breeze and Lavender Vanilla. Follow XPOWER aroma bead instructions for best results.


With reputation of delivering dependable and durable machines, XPOWER high velocity air mover units offer the versatility and high performance. Add XPOWER air blowers for water damage restoration or carpet cleaning jobs or use every day as a multipurpose fan in your basement or lobby.


The XPOWER pet dryer line is more powerful than any conventional force dryer because of their innovative and advanced technology. They are the only leading company to use injection molding technology for the product housing to promote quieter pet dryers and more durable. With multiple built-in function to maximize efficiency for the user, XPOWER pet dryers also deliver salon quality results.