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Professional Grade Air Circulator Utility Fans are purpose built for use in offices, classrooms, workshops, warehouses, stores and various commercial or residential spaces that require powerful air circulation. Its unique grill design promotes air movement that provides more effective cooling to improve air quality instantly. Unlike other brands available on the market, the XPOWER FC Series is an extremely versatile utility fan that packs surprising power. Also suitable for ventilating spaces where fresh air is lacking such as attics, basements and garages. If you also need to dry things, the FC Series fan has advanced air fin guide technology which will provide the multidirectional air movement required to efficiently dry carpets, floors, walls, and ceilings.


Quality construction with innovative features make XPOWER Air Circulators the top choice. The FC Series is constructed with polypropylene housing that can withstand the toughest environments, from your truck to your job site. Polypropylene is an excellent housing material because it is highly resistant to cracking or bending from impact, highly resistant to chemicals, able to withstand high temperatures and resistant to fatigue. Most objects in the market that are meant for transporting things are made from polypropylene such as milk jugs, storage containers, and medical containers.

XPOWER’s machines are usually over-engineered for durability. The internals of the FC Series are just as tough as the housing. The AC Motor is super efficient, only drawing a MAX 1.5 AMPS on the FC-300, this efficiency is purpose-designed for packed extension cords and offices or homes with a lot of other electronics running. A full-fledged industrial machine would usually trip these plugs, but the FC Series will fit in flawlessly. The most convenient feature is the three-hour timer, customers continuously say that setting the timer is way better, because the fan is so quiet they forget it’s on and forget to turn it off. Experience these awesome machines today!