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A DIY Favorite, our blower fans are great at drying out puddles and damp garages. Use our blower fans to cool, vent or dry. You will find XPOWER’s compact fans great at helping you with your DIY home projects. XPOWER fans are the most efficient machines by being the smallest most powerful air movers on the market. Industrial performance in a compact size, Designed to be your DIY buddy.

  • We carry all XPOWER Centrifugal Air Movers
  • The most convenient air mover for your DIY home projects
  • Save big on spills and small floods by drying the area yourself
  • Handy accessories like telescopic handle, wheels, carpet clamp available optional for 600 series and 800 series
  • Convenient features such as timer, GFCI outlets and ionizer available
  • Commercially used in janitorial and hospitality maintenance


Unlike axial air movers, centrifugal air movers are shaped smaller and more compact. The XPOWER centrifugal or snail fans are very powerful, low-profile, and light-weight restoration fan perfect for drying carpet, removing fumes, ventilating areas, and preventing mold. These units have been manufactured with rugged, state-of-the-art injection mold technology, creating a sturdy housing structure that protects internal components. This compact, commercial grade housing design means you get a durable air mover that can be easily picked up, moved, stacked, and stored without taking up a lot of space. All of our products are ETL/CETL Safety Certified to guarantee work safety and consumer safety. It comes with a specially designed dual thermal protection motor to ensure optimum performance and provide you with years of drying and circulation with hardly any maintenance or breakdowns. The convenient wraparound cord design makes it easy to move or store units anywhere in your home, garage, or workplace.

Centrifugal Fans – from small centrifugal fans to large, these lightweight and powerful equipment are able to move large amounts of air at a low electricity draw to promote a high rate of air circulation for a diversity of home-use:

  • Ventilation: by circulating a large air volume, the environment can be ventilated and cooled quickly
  • Drying: we carry the biggest selection of sizes to cater to different areas; whether you need to dry the pipe leakage underneath your bathroom sink or a huge spill on your carpet, you will find the ideal fit for your needs
  • Cooling: aside from ice cold beverages and a big patch of shade, water also serves as one of the cooling options for those hot summer days spent in the outdoors. The Misting Fan is the perfect outdoor cooling solution for your yard, patio, porch, or deck
  • Air Freshening: in a room with stagnant air, air freshener sprays and oil diffusers may not be enough to freshen the entire space. The Scented Air Mover fan combines the centrifugal fan’s high rate of air circulation with XPOWER’s patented refillable scent diffusing cartridge to rapidly fill the room with a pleasing fragrance