Whole Room Disinfection with XPOWER ULV Foggers

As case rates of COVID-19 are rising in our country, businesses have been faced with the challenge of cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting the workspace. Effectively controlling the spread of COVID-19 in a workplace is not simply an ethical concern, it can determine the viability of a business and the confidence of its employees.


Whether the application is used to limit the spread of infection in a traditional office setting or to support the cleaning crews of public areas by creating a clean room setting, correct applications of antimicrobial agents are necessary for businesses to properly protect their communities and employees alike.


XPOWER ULV Foggers offer an effective whole room disinfection solution. Almost every business with an interest in limiting the spread of COVID-19 has developed their own measures to keep their buildings germ-free and their employees healthy.


However, traditional cleaning methods may fall short in their application and efficacy. Simply using mops and rags to perform surface disinfection cannot ensure that a thorough job has been done. “Low touch” areas may not be cleaned properly, resulting in small spaces remaining contaminated with germs which later, through indirect contact, infect critical surfaces in a room. To prevent recontamination, as well as assist personnel with maintaining a safe work environment, whole room disinfection devices eliminate the guess work of manual decontamination.


Correct application of XPOWER ULV foggers can improve the quality of life for employees, customers, and the general population, which can in turn help business thrive.


battery operated fogger machine


Choosing Your ULV Fogger

Before you start fogging and disinfecting, you’ll want to evaluate your scenario and establish whether you need a corded or battery operated unit. If you’re going to be within 20 feet of an outlet at all times, the corded F-8 and F-16 are well suited for your needs.

If you need to be mobile or won’t have access to outlets during your fogging, the battery operated F-8B and F-16B ULV cold foggers should be your units of choice.

Once you have your XPOWER fogging unit, here’s a few steps to follow before you start your fogging treatment.


1. Plug the fogger in.

First things first, to be able to work a ULV fogger, you’ll need to connect it to a power source. This means that you simply need to plug the fogger’s power cord into an electrical outlet. Then you can start fogging.

For the corded units, it’s as simple as plug-and-play.


2. Calibrate the fogger.

After you have plugged the fogger into an outlet, you can take the next step. It’s time to calibrate your fogger. XPOWER Foggers feature an adjustment knob to achieve the flow you want.

As you increase the flow rate, the droplet size will increase, too. Larger droplets are more suited to applying disinfectants or similar chemicals because these settle better on surfaces. Smaller droplets and a slower flow rate are better for insecticides or pesticides. This will ensure they stay in the air longer.


3. Fill the fogger’s tank.

Of course, you’ll need to also fill the tank with the appropriate cleaning solution you want to use. The tank is built into the unit and can be accessed by a screw on cap at the rear end of the unit

Make sure the liquid you want to use is suitable for the XPOWER ULV fogger. Try not to mix any liquids in the tank; it’s better to do this beforehand. Also, don’t overfill the tank. Once the tank is full, just close the cap and you’re good to go.


4. Turn the fogger on.

Now that you’ve completed the previous steps, you can turn the fogger on. Using the liquid of your choice, you can fog either indoor or outdoor areas.

Make sure that you calibrate the fogger before you turn it on. If you do this in reverse, you’ll risk getting sprayed in face or fogging an area you didn’t want to.


Whether you’re using an XPOWER fogger for in-house or contractor services, pairing an EPA-registered disinfectants will give you or your customers peace of mind. The market has a wide offering of EPA approved disinfectant solutions to protect you, your family, your business and the community.

The CDC recommends using EPA-registered disinfectants with an emerging virus claim, according to label directions, and following a cleaning of the surface.  No disinfectant will be effective unless the surface is first cleaned with soap and water or with an appropriate detergent. Every EPA-registered disinfectant also requires a specific length of contact time in which the surface must remain wet with the disinfectant, prior to air drying or mechanical rinsing/drying.

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises, more and more businesses and organizations are faced with the aftermath of having an individual at their facility with a confirmed case. It is imperative that CDC approved disinfection processes, with EPA registered and approved chemicals, are used to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19 and limit its further spread.