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Air Chaser offers a wide selection of powerful pet dryers with a number of options to meet the needs of every groomer. Choosing the right pet dryer for your salon or for your own pet is an important step to ensure quality results and safety for the pets. Our mission is to assist our customers with honest information to choose the most suitable units for their needs. We carry the complete pet grooming equipment line from XPOWER. From force dryers, stand dryers, finishing dryers to cage dryers, we have them all.


Brushless DC motor for longer motor life-span
Carbon dust free for healthier environment
High durability, dynamic air flow , and variable speed
Wide selection of force dryers, finishing dryer for all pet sizes and needs
More savings and more business opportunities
An ideal alternative for pet parents who want to do in-house pet grooming

XPOWER force dryers, cage dryers, and finishing dryers are 30-40% quieter than any other competitor in the pet grooming industry. Offering the widest selection and innovative design, XPOWER’s advanced brushless motor technology efficiently decreases drying time while drawing minimal electricity and producing no harmful carbon powder. Affordably priced, Air Chaser has a pet dryer for every groomer’s need and pocket book.

XPOWER’s pet grooming dryers are one of the best in the market! It is quite powerful, extremely efficient and great for the buck. Our customers who purchased XPOWER’s pet units are very impressed and became huge fans. XPOWER designs and manufactures innovative and revolutionary professional grade equipment for all breeds of dogs and coat lengths, you can even use it on your cat and show horses.

Get total control at your fingertips with our highly efficient and powerful finishing dryers. If you are a competition groomer, that flawless finishing coat is the key thing to elevate your success. Air Chaser carries one of a few finishing dryers in the market. Our B-16 and B-16S are outstanding finishing dryers that have a variable speed and a variable heat control for a “hands-free” finish, and is equipped with an anion control to reduce static accumulated from drying your pet and manual brushing. With the highly balanced brushless motor design, the B-16s produces at least less than 40% less noise than our other nearest competitors, it has a longer motor life, and it only uses 12 amps of power at max speed with use of the heater. The B-16s delivers top of the range performance, producing superior airflow and velocity with a 1/4 HP motor.