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XPOWER manufactures safe, high-quality yet quiet pet dryers for the professional grooming industry. Time really is money when it comes to grooming pets, and the equipment you use has to help you make the most out of every business hour. Here at, we offer one of the best tools in the grooming industry to help you maximize your profits while creating a safe and healthy environment for people and pets.


Pet grooming is an art that has continued to evolve since the 18th century, during which Poodles enjoyed immense popularity in France. Today, with the expansion of the pet industry, it is a respected profession all across the globe. As pet grooming standards are challenged and new techniques are discovered, innovations in dog grooming technology arise to support the grooming profession. As with any profession, pet grooming requires not only expertise and experience, but also the right tools from various categories, such as brushes, shears, and pet dryers.


  • Compact and stackable
  • High durability, dynamic air flow, and variable speed
  • Variety of pet dryer designs for all breeds and sizes
  • Portable with many wall mounting features
  • Great for casual and professional groomers
  • Complete range of Pet Dryers for your entire grooming salon
  • Revolutionary brushless DC motors and anti-static features
  • Models with complete variable speed for detailed control
  • High pressure force dryers and high volume finishing dryers
  • Dependable cage dryers for busy grooming shops



Pet dryers, commonly known as dog grooming dryers or pet hair dryers, ire a crucial ingredient to achieving a professional grooming job, and a complete set of pet dryers brings additional value to your business and promotes a higher quality of customer experience. Imagine always having to manually deshed German Shepherds without the help of high velocity airflow, or fluff dry a Standard Poodle without adjustable heat on a stand. It would be a miracle if you could do more than 6 of these breeds a day on your own!


WHY BUY FROM US? is the only place where you will find the best pet dryers for sale, focusing on tools that are affordable, high-performance, and quiet. As the Master Distributor of XPOWER, we make sure that the most comprehensive line of pet dryers is available to you in one place. We aim to provide you with the capability to produce show quality results for a higher number of dogs per day—all without sacrificing more time. With a wide selection of force dryers, finishing dryers, and cage dryers, is the perfect one-stop-shop, whether you’re a Master Groomer or just starting your grooming career.