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carpet, paint and floor drying: Air Chaser offers centrifugal carpet dryers, axial carpet blower, and professional carpet, paint and floor drying equipment from the industry’s most trusted name – XPOWER. Most of the dryers we carry are 40% lighter than competing models with up to 1 HP, 3600 CFM of air volume output.


  • Range from 1/8 HP to 1 HP
  • The most efficient and compact air mover in the industry
  • Essential indoor and commercial drying solution equipment
  • Optional features like daisy chain outlet, built-in timer, handle and wheels
  • Versatile models for variable surface areas with the highest velocity and CFM



You want to have a good amount of air circulation, but don’t have the fans on high if the room is dusty because it will ruin your paint finish. This is why XPOWER designed the Axial and Centrifugal Carpet & Paint Dryers to help you be in control of the direction airflow is aiming at. With pre-set timer, built-in power outlet and adjustable speeds, XPOWER’s fans are designed with every contractor or homeowner in mind.



The best-selling professional scented floor dryers are manufactured by XPOWER. Carpet Paint And Flooring With patented technology, these machine will make floor drying and deodorizing as easy as turning the switch. With a built-in 3-hour timer with a built-in power supply so that you can focus on other areas of your project, the internal power source allows multiple units to be linked together to maximize airflow in a particular area. Maneuver single units into tight spaces like behind cabinets or attic spaces with the 20-foot wrap around cord. Choose the ionizer units also improve air quality.


XPOWER powerful & efficient carpet dryers and paint dryers help your business to quickly complete the job, allowing for more job opportunities & profit increase. High performance dryers will significantly reduce the drying rate by providing high and focused CFM to keep room temperature air flowing over the painted surface, or carpet and floor surfaces. Additional power outlet is ideal to connect multiple units while still be efficient and effective.