Air Chaser’s Pet Dryers Advantages:

XPOWER pet dryers are 30-40% quieter than any other competitor in the pet grooming industry. Their highly precise efficient balanced motor creates less noise for the comfort of groomer and animal alike. Offering the widest selection and innovative designs, XPOWER’s advanced motor technology efficiently decreases drying time while drawing minimal electricity. Affordably priced, Air Chaser has the most complete selection of pet dryers for every groomer’s need and pocket book. Include the premiere environmental system for the modern, health conscience grooming salon operator and we have excellence at its finest.

Force Pet Dryers

XPOWER force dryers are available in a full range of models from 2 HP up to a 6HP double motor. As well as brushless/carbonless DC motor technology.


  • Rugged ABS housing
  • Using precise injection mold technology
  • Lightweight & portable design
  • Optional stand and wall mount adapters
  • Multi and variable speed control switches
  • Maximum RPM & air velocity with a low electrical draw
  • Quiet Running Motor
  • For long lasting reliability, electronic variable speed controls on most selected models.

Stand Finishing Dryers

A must have tool for creating that professional finished look; XPOWER Stand Dryers have become the necessary tools for successful dog show handlers and top rated grooming salons. Purchase an XPOWER Stand Dryer to produce that “Best in Show” look for higher profits and satisfied customers.


  • Maintenance Free 10,000 hour Brushless/carbonless high performance DC motor
  • Dependable electronic variable speed control
  • Variable heat setting control from room temperature and up
  • Built in anti-static feature for less brushing
  • 360° rotation/zero spin nozzle
  • Adjustable height stand with spring assisted lift
  • Dual knob tilt control feature for “stay put” extension arm
  • 4 leg/lockable wheel mounting stand

Cage Dryers

Ideal for busy heavily booked grooming salons, XPOWER cage dryers offer the highest volume of non-heated air for hands free drying.


  • Durable and Lightweight Housing
  • Up to 3200 CFM
  • Long lasting 3 speeds brushless/carbonless induction motors with low amp draw
  • Quiet performance with low electrical usage
  • 3 Hour or continual run switch control timer
  • 3 Multiple Ducting Hoses w/ hang on air Flow Control Gates with guillotine closing panel.

Air Scrubber

Create a healthy grooming environment cleaned of harmful airborne contaminants such as hair, dander, pet allergens, mold, and bacteria. XPOWER’s powerful 4 Stage Filtration System works to  purify the air and neutralize stubborn pet odors. Groomers and customers alike will benefit from an odor free environment that is free of harmful pollutants that can contribute to and aggravate conditions such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, and other respiratory diseases.


  • Two easily removable and hand washable outer nylon filters that capture 90% of large contaminants
  • Pleated Media Filter
  • Long Lasting Commercial HEPA Filter that  filters out 99.97% of 0.3-micron sized particulates
  • Carbon Filter to neutralize and eliminate odors
  • Variable Speed Control

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