(18) X-39AR Professional Sealed Motor Axial Fan + (3) FREE X-39AR

The XPOWER X-39AR sealed motor axial fan is the compact, energy-efficient and durable high-performance axial fan – packed with features such as variable speed control, 360-degree rotation rack/stand, and built-in daisy-chainable power outlets to get a variety of jobs done. A specially designed sealed motor prevents damage from water and other contaminants. This sealed motor axial fan produces up to 2100 CFM while efficiently drawing less than 1.6 Amps at its highest speed. A specially designed fan grill excels in extending a powerful and focused straight stream of air up to 160 ft in any direction. Easily transportable, this unit’s lightweight yet durable ABS injection molded housing can be stacked up to 5 units high. The X-39AR axial fan is also ETL/CETL safety certified to ensure safety.

  • 21 x XPOWER X-39AR Professional Sealed Motor Axial Fan

Get 3 X-39AR Axial Fan for FREE when you purchase 18 X-39AR Professional Sealed Motor Axial Fan units as part of our exclusive Factory Promotions Program.
Promo ID: DC-B-AUG20

Price: $4,139.00