(1) XD-85L2 LGR Dehumidifier + (1) X-2480A Mini Air Scrubber + (5) P-230AT Air Mover

If you’ve been leaving wet carpet behind at your jobs, customers have been left uncomfortable — tiptoeing around in their own homes to just to avoid wet spots. The carpet is clean, but your customers can’t enjoy it for hours after you leave. With the Resto Starter, you’ll have a commercial LGR dehumidifier that will lower the relatively humidity indoors so that your customers can have a house full of clean, DRY carpet in far less time! With the lowered humidity levels, use the incredible air movers specially designed to dry carpets fast. Having multiple units will allow you to dry each room while you move on to clean the next one! The mini air scrubber can be used to capture all the dust and allergens kicked up into the air during cleaning, providing a 5-Star finish.



  • 1 x XPOWERXD-85L2 LGR Dehu
  • 1 x XPOWER X-2480A Mini Air Scrubber
  • 5 x FREE XPOWER P-230AT Air Movers


Get 5 XPOWER P-230AT Air Movers for FREE when you purchase (1) XD-85L2 and (1)X-2480A as part of our exclusive Factory Promotions Program.


Promo ID: DC-A-MAR20   

Price: $2,535.00

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