Scented Air Mover With Ionizers

Do you have trouble finding the PERFECT & Practical gift for the perfect woman in your life? No worries, you are in great hands. Whether you are shopping for your mom, sister, best girlfriend, or significant other, there is something fun for everyone on this list. Introducing the patented and innovative Scented Air Mover from XPOWER that will bring not only fresh scents but also quality air to your home. Give your beloved lady or the whole family the gift of fresh, cleaned and ionized air with XPOWER advanced air technology. Ranging from mini to mid commercial sized models, there is a model that will suit your needs.


XPOWER’s innovative Freshen Aire Scented Air Movers are portable alternatives to HVAC nebulizers, and feature patented refillable scent diffusing cartridges that quickly and efficiently fragrance the air to the entire room within seconds. They perform as reliably as standard XPOWER air movers and are available from 1/8 to 1 HP. These units are so unique and multipurpose in nature. Without the scented beads, these units can be used as a drying fan or an air ventilation unit.


Negative icon generator works efficiently to release negative ions to increase flow of oxygen and improve your mood. Featuring an air purifying anion switch and patented refillable fragrance cartridge, selected XPOWER Scented Air Fresheners both effectively dispenses fragrance neutralizing odor with negative ions. Experience the revitalizing effects of negative ions as they quickly disperse to minimize airborne dust, allergens, mold spores and other pollutants.

Units with IONIZER are: P-150N, P-260NT, P-450NT