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Enhance air quality with patented scented air movers from XPOWER. Top tool for event planners, hotel managers, property managers to ensure a clean and great smelling area. The Ionizing unit neutralizing malodors and our patented scented cartridges and scents provide a pleasant scent for comforting environments.

XPOWER air movers provide the durability and dependability needed in professional air movement. In addition to drying and ventilating, AirChaser now carries XPOWER scented air movers. These scented fans are the well-received XPOWER centrifugal air mover equipped with a patented grill and cartridge designed to hold specially formulated scented beads. XPOWER scented air movers come with a multi-speed control switch with optional daisy chain power outlets or negative ionizer that will be sure to help optimize the ventilating and freshening process of any space. has the most versatile line of XPOWER air movers available on the market. Already recognized for being powerful, lightweight, efficient, durable, and stackable; XPOWER now offers a scented air mover line available in 3 different models that feature standard daisy chain power outlets or a negative ion generator to best suit your needs.

  • Multi-purpose air mover for both moving, scenting and ionizing the air
  • ANION feature neutralizes malodors and effectively cleans your environment
  • Powerful and energy-efficient, low amp draw motor with 800 CFM maximum airflow capacity
  • 3 speeds with 4-angle drying positions (0 Degree, 20 Degree kickstand, 45 Degree & 90 Degree)
  • 3 hour timer, ionizer and easily refillable cartridge (citrus scent included)


Daisy chain power outlets allow you to maximize your drying, ventilating, and scenting application. Connect multiple low amp scented air movers together on a single power source to achieve the desired coverage required. AirChaser carries 2 different XPOWER scented fans that feature this option. The XPOWER P-260AT Scented Air Mover draws a low 2.3 Amps and can confidently have multiple scented fans operate off a standard 15 Amp wall outlet. Drawing only 3.8 Amps, the XPOWER P-450AT is the ultimate odor eliminator. The P-450AT Scented Air Mover produces near triple the CFM of the P-260AT to deliver higher volumes of scented air into larger spaces in a shorter time.


XPOWER offers 3 different scented air movers with negative ion generators. The XPOWER P-150N, P-260NT, and P-450NT are scented air movers equipped with negative ion generators. The integrated ionizer emits millions of negative ions that will assist in neutralizing positive charged malodors caused by cooking and pets. Negative ions will also neutralize airborne dust, dander, and other allergens that may cause respiratory or optical irritation.

AirChaser has the XPOWER scented air mover to help you introduce a fragrance, ventilate, or dry any space effectively. Whether gradually eliminating odor in a bedroom to quickly airing out large ballrooms, XPOWER has the scented fan that will do the job!