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XPOWER air filtration systems with HEPA and carbon filter to eliminate odor and particulates. If you want to reduce indoor air pollutants and their negative effects, XPOWER air scrubbers, scented air movers with ionizer, and dehumidifiers are what you need. Ask our expert to see which air quality system is for you. Our warehouse is alwasy fully stock and ready to ship.


  • Ideal product for Air Purification and Humidity Control
  • 3-4 stage filtration system w/ carbon and HEPA filters
  • Lightweight and Durable design
  • Easy to Clean Washable Filters
  • Commercial Grade Air Cleaner



Air is one of the crucial ingredients to sustaining life, and it is without question that air quality is important to human health. The air we breathe consists mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, but with the advancement of technology and architecture, the quantity of pollutants and the rate of pollutant concentration within indoor environments rises significantly. This leads to allergies, fatigue, headaches, and in some cases, long-term health complications.



Effective indoor air filtration can help lower the risk of environmental health hazards, one of which being asthma. According to data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (, asthma affects the quality of life for more than 23 million Americans, 6 million of which are children. Indoor Air Filtration is essential in improving indoor air quality by alleviating allergies, which are commonly caused by allergens that collect on pets.


In addition to air filtration, humidity also plays a big role in maintaining good indoor air quality. Damp places offer an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi growth; according to the World Health Organization, “indoor air pollution—such as dampness and mold—is one of the major causes of death worldwide”. This is a clear illustration that maintaining the right level of indoor humidity is essential in promoting good health.



There are many great indoor air quality solutions available, with the most common being a well-designed HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. Now, there is a wider variety of affordable home appliances and professional tools which complement the HVAC system to offer a focused air quality solution in specific rooms where there is a higher concentration of pollutants and humidity, such as portable air purifiers and dehumidifiers.



As the Master Distributor of XPOWER, carries the XPOWER’s complete line of compact and portable professional equipment to offer effective and affordable air quality solutions to not only filter and dehumidify, but also scent the air. At, you will find a wide selection of the best air scrubbers, commercial dehumidifiers, and scented air movers for sale.