3 Tools/4 All-DIY Solutions

Ozone Generator

Eliminate bacteria, viruses,
and odors, all chemical-free

ULV Fogger

Sanitize large areas
& hard to reach surfaces

HEPA Air Scrubbers

Provide clean and healthy
indoor air quality

Covid Shield Solutions Can Help Your Business Get Back on Track

Ozone Generator

Helps eliminate bacteria,
viruses, and odors

ULV Fogger

Sanitizes large areas,
and surfaces

HEPA Filter Air Scrubber

Provides clean and
and healthy air quality


  • High concentrations of ozone gas (provides a chemical-free treatment) capable of killing micro organisms like bacteria, viruses and strong odors.
  • Integrated axial air mover increases efficiency of ozone generator and delivers O3 quickly and evenly across large areas.
  • Timer for easy, hands off usage. We recommend it to be set for 1-2 hours for treatment.
  • Precise speed control to dial in the coverage needed for ozone treatment and also when used as an air circulator in reducing ozone concentrationto a safe level.

XPOWER Commercial HEPA Air Filtration System AP-2000 & X-3780

  • Commercial grade air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters that provide a filtration efficiency of 99.97%.
  • Powerful and large airflow to cover large area in short periods of time.
  • The air scrubbers can be used to create negative air pressure to extract contaminated air out of a room to help keep spaces clean.
  • X-3780 model has 4 stage active carbon filter to help eliminate bad ordors.
  • Can operate with external timer to filter and purify the air without needing supervision.


XPOWER ULV Cold Fogger F-16 & F-16B

  • Deeply penetrates surfaces and typically hard to reach areas to thoroughly disinfect your space
  • Produces extremely fine, small particle mist for maximum coverage and efficiency when sanitizing.
  • Both AC power and cordless rechargeable DC models availble to suit your needs.
  • EPA approved disinfecting solutions available for purchase in hardware stores like Home Depot, Amazon, etc.

XPOWER Automated and Programmable Disinfecting System

This programmable overnight treatment combines XPOWER’s Ozone Generator and HEPA Air Scrubber with a timer to help sanitize and clean your space with minimal effort on your part.

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