3 Tools/4 All-DIY Solutions

Ozone Generator

Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and odors, all chemical-free

ULV Fogger

Sanitize large areas & hard to reach surfaces

HEPA Air Scrubbers

Provide clean and healthy indoor air quality

3 Tools/4 All-DIY Solutions

Ozone Generator

Helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, and odors

ULV Fogger

Sanitizes large areas, and surfaces

HEPA Filter Air Scrubber

Provides clean andand healthy air quality

SOLUTION 1 : Ozone Generator M-25/M-27

  • High concentrations of ozone gas (provides a chemical-free treatment) capable of killing micro organisms like bacteria, viruses and strong odors.
  • Integrated axial air mover increases efficiency of ozone generator and delivers O3 quickly and evenly across large areas.
  • Timer for easy, hands off usage. We recommend it to be set for 1-2 hours for treatment.
  • Precise speed control to dial in the coverage needed for ozone treatment and also when used as an air circulator in reducing ozone concentrationto a safe level.
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SOLUTION 2 : Commercial HEPA Air Filtration System AP-2000 & X-3780

    • Commercial grade air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters that provide a filtration efficiency of 99.97%.
    • Powerful and large airflow to cover large area in short periods of time.
    • The air scrubbers can be used to create negative air pressure to extract contaminated air out of a room to help keep spaces clean.
    • X-3780 model has 4 stage active carbon filter to help eliminate bad ordors.

Can operate with external timer to filter and purify the air without needing supervision.

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SOLUTION 3 : ULV Cold Fogger F-16 & F-16B

  • Deeply penetrates surfaces and typically hard to reach areas to thoroughly disinfect your space
  • Produces extremely fine, small particle mist for maximum coverage and efficiency when sanitizing.
  • Both AC power and cordless rechargeable DC models availble to suit your needs.
  • EPA approved disinfecting solutions available for purchase in hardware stores like Home Depot, Amazon, etc.
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SOLUTION 4 :Automated and Programmable Disinfecting System

This programmable overnight treatment combines XPOWER’s Ozone Generator and HEPA Air Scrubber with a timer to help sanitize and clean your space with minimal effort on your part.

Questions? Let our team recommend a solution for you!

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