Summer Must-Haves You Would Not Want To Miss!

FC Air Circulator Series

FM-48 Misting Fan

Scented Air Movers

Discover the must-have equipment of the season and spice up your backyard with XPOWER’s professional cooling series. From creating a comfortable atmosphere to providing plenty of entertainment, we have put together some outdoor event high quality equipment you and your guests will absolutely love. This is the ultimate summer guide our Airchaser team absolutely swears by. Get free shipping on all of these items for a fun filled summer that keeps kids and grown-ups moving all season long.



Transform your backyard into the ultimate oasis with XPOWER’s portable misting fan. This unit is a super portable cooling solution that creates a comfortable outdoor environment during hot summer days. With easy setup, energy efficiency, and nozzle options to send refreshing mist over a wide area that will cool down outdoor patios, pool areas, picnics, sporting events and other outdoor activities. Lowering temperature up to 30 degree Fahrenheit.



XPOWER FC line is the next generation of air circulators and ventilators that will efficiently move and circulate cool air with state-of-the-art whole room circulation fan technology. Without an eye-watering price tag, this series will serve you and your family well summer after summer. XPOWER’s products are known for their durability, versatility, high performance and grab-n-go efficient design. Enjoy high and quality volume of air up to 3600 CFM. If you are looking for a high quality floor utility fan to keep your home cool all summer long, this family is for you!



How often can you find a versatile fan unit that can dry, ventilate and dispense scent at the same time? Well. Not that often we guarantee you. XPOWER’s patented scented air mover technology is one of a kind design that will set the right mood for your parties. With refillable cartilages, you can literally fill your space with any scent within seconds. Features an added ionizer function for those who loves air quality that rocks! XPOWER’s scented air movers are a game changer that has revolutionized the scent industry. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, this multipurpose scented fan unit is totally calling your name!