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So you need an Air Mover, but which one? There are many variations on the market. All designed for different tasks. So it can pay off to do some research to find the one that is right for you.

Usually commercial air movers are used for one of two things, water damage or ventilation. In regards to water damage, air movers are used to push moisture out of objects and into the air. To ventilate, air movers push huge volumes of air towards the desired object or person(s). In some cases multiple types of air movers are needed to handle a single task. This is your guide to ensure finding the proper equipment suitable to your needs.

I Need To Dry A Building That Has Water Damage

Air Mover

The most common use for an Air Mover is water damage restoration.The Air Mover will push dry air onto floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and other objects.Moisture is attracted to this dry air and when combined with a dehumidifier, it is removed from both the air and the saturated object. If drying an entire room, multiple types of air movers may be necessary. Drying hallways and small rooms can be executed by using a Centrifugal Air Mover.The X-600A from XPOWER is a perfect model for such a task.The X-600A pushes a powerful stream of air at 2400 CFM which creates enough air volume for long hallways and whole rooms.

For damaged ceilings, Axial Fans work wonders. The X-47ATR from XPOWER has A 360 degree rack allowing for wide and directional air flow.

For smaller spaces such as inside of cabinets, closets and under sinks, units such as the PL-700A Low Profile Fan or the P-80A Mini Mighty Air Mover are critical to use. These units will dry out areas which are most susceptible to mold growth.

I Need To Dry Carpets And Lots Of It

Centrifugal Air Mover

Carpets can be shampooed quickly by both home users and professionals but drying time can take hours, sometimes up to days.Lingering moisture creates a hotbed for germs and bacteria to settle back into the carpet.This can be avoided by expediting the drying process. For carpet cleaning professionals, offering a quick drying solution to your customers could be vastly profitable for business. Utilizing centrifugal air movers such as the P-630HC are ideal for hallways and the P-430AT is perfect for any room.Shampooing one room while another is drying is made possible by the massive amount of air produced, shortening drying time. This is truly the most effective way to clean any carpet.

I Need To Ventilate A Space For My Employees

confined space fan

Axial Air Mover Fans work extremely well for ventilation. The wide stream of air produced is ideal for construction sites, hot gyms, remediation jobs, etc. The X-47ATR can be positioned upwards or downwards to successfully dry unique interior floor plans.For areas small in size the X-12 confined space ventilator is exceptional. Both of these units are compatible with XPOWER’s ducting hose allowing both cool and hot air to be exhausted.

XPOWER’s FD-650DC Drum Fan is superfluous for large rooms.With a 24 inch diameter, this fan blows up to 9500 CFM of gusted wind.

So you see, when chosen correctly your drying experience can be made easy and especially effective. There are endless ways to customize this experience utilizing XPOWER’s equipment. Feel free to consult with Air Chaser as we are masters of air control knowledge!


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