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  • Perfect for cooling down in summer heat, XPOWER Misting Fans excel in evaporative cooling
  • High speed misting allows for up to a 30* degree cooler in ambient tempature
  • Easy setup, just connect to a garden hose and enjoy your summer outdoors
  • Set up the misting fan in gardens and greenhouses to keep plants healthy in hard weather.
  • Use the multipurpose FM-48 without the misting feature as a year-round drying and ventilation utility fan



People suffer from heat exhaustion when exposed to hot environments for a longer duration, especially in conditions were work has to be done outdoor. XPOWER Misting fan is apt for such scenarios as it is designed for services involving distribution of air containing mist for effective cooling in unenclosed areas. The Mist fan is also effective for indoor cooling, when the refreshing effects of the mist is needed. The benefits of a Mist Fan over the air conditioners are primarily seen during summer seasons, especially as an outdoor and patio cooling system. Our fans are portable cooling fans to keep you cool with a refreshing fine mist of water wherever you go, from your backyard to your business.



Misting fans can exist in different fashions in the market usually based on its water supply system. Small capacity outdoor mist fans come with water tanks attached to it for effective spraying but requires a refill at intermittent times to prevent a hurt in supply. XPOWER commercial misting fans can provide continuous supply by being hooked to a water source, especially in cases where the source is proximal, in order to ensure uninterrupted cooling benefits of the mist fan. This portable cooling system can also be connected to a hose preferentially a faucet of a garden hose, with the reservoir providing water to create the misty air. These different type of Misty fans work in different ways and therefore prove more effective in outdoor areas. However one can also use a misting fan indoors as well. Depending on one’s preference a portable or stationary misting fans can be gotten. This allows you to use a misting fan almost anywhere



Summer season means fun outdoor activities. However, the immense heat can take a huge toll on your skin and mood. Most people even fall ill if they are exposed to too much heat. Therefore, outdoor cooling plays an important part in maintaining a safe environment during hot weather, and one of the best outdoor cooling solutions is a high quality misting fan. The misting fan can provide water vapor to a wide area, and is ideally placed near your pool, deck, or on a sports field. Misting fans will help you stay cool during summer so that you can enjoy a fun filled season.

AirChaser.com offers the recent Commercial Misting fans of good quality, with effective outdoor cooling systems. Various outdoor mist products with excellent outdoor cooling system, ranging from the portable outdoor mist types to the continuous supply outdoor mist type is available at affordable cost upon order. This will provide optimal benefits of the mist fan for your convenience and comfort.