XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro – Multipurpose Electric Duster

XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro multipurpose duster

customer testimonial

This is definitely one of the best $50 purchases I’ve ever made. I bought it to clean my PC, it’s peripherals, and around the desk area. I no longer have to take everything out to the air compressor in the garage in the middle of the winter.

Brandon / February 16, 2016

Spend $50 on it, you will get your moneys worth in a day if you’re anything like me. I mean, I bought this to dust out the inside of my computer and it was so strong I was like “man, I don’t want to stop using this thing, what else can I dust?” So, I went crazy, I dusted all of my electronics, my ceiling fans, the inside of my cars, my garage… I know right, even my garage.

Abel Caulder / January 5, 2017

Overall the XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro seems like a great buy, especially for just $49. It has the power to get the job done, works even better if you dust within reasonable times and not let the dust stick on for multiple months on end.

Robert / January 13, 2018


Blast dust and debris away with this hand-held duster from XPOWER. The A-2 Airrow Pro packs a powerful stream of air directly where you need it. Whether you’re clearing your server room or just your keyboard, use the A-2 to make sure your electronic devices stay free of dust. The compact canless duster is a vital tool for your IT department and in fields where cleanliness is essential, like a hospital or medical center. Its lightweight and portable design makes clearing fine debris and dust a simple task.


Weighing in just over 2 pounds, this electric air duster is actually three tools in one.  Quick changes of the eight nozzles can turn your duster into a powerful dryer or air pump. Its multiple capabilities make it a must-have for your home or office.

At 3/4 HP, this mighty duster pushes air at 90 CFM and pulls 4.5 Amps. The A-2 Airrow Pro is a two-speed electric duster which makes it stand out from the more common single-speed machines on the market.


The durable design and ABS exterior gives this electric duster more longevity. Canned air dusters can get hot or even extremely cold when used often. The A-2 is a canless air system that offers powerful air flow without getting burned.