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XTREMEDRY® DIY Pro Drying Solution Total ( Combo )


  • (2)  XPOWER XD-85L2 85 Pint Commercial LGR Dehumidifiers w/ Handle & Wheels
  • (2)  XPOWER X-2580 Professional 4 Stage HEPA Mini Air Scrubbers
  • (8)  XPOWER PL-700A 1/3 HP Low Profile Air Movers
  • (2)  XPOWER X-47ATR 1/3 HP Sealed Motor Axial Air Movers
  • (2)  XtremeDry® Handy Pulling Cart


A COMPLETE COMMERCIAL DRYING SOLUTION – The XtremeDry® Pro Kit enables DIY operators to own and use XPOWER’s industry leading commercial drying solution to not only save big on restoration costs but also improve the indoor air quality of your property.


COMMERCIAL DRYING WITH LGR TECHNOLOGY – This Tool Kit includes XPOWER’s class leading commercial XD-85L2 LGR Dehumidifier that can handle the toughest of drying jobs. Capable of reducing relative humidity levels in a room down to 25%, this powerhouse unit can remove the hidden moisture locked away inside of materials.


DRY IMMEDIATELY USING THE 24/25/24 PRINCIPLE – After a water damage accident, mitigation should begin ASAP. When rooms and items are exposed to water and water vapor for extended periods, moisture penetrates into them more deeply. The more water the materials absorb, the more time, effort and expense is required to dry them. By having a pro drying solution on hand — start the drying process within 24 hours, reduce relative humidity down to 25%, and dry for a minimum of 24 hours for a professional result.


PREVENT MOLD & MILDEW OUTBREAKS – The Pro Kit provides property managers, hotels, and other building maintenance teams to manage moisture and prevent mold & mildew outbreaks. Remove excess moisture from problem areas like bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages and HVAC systems where excess moisture can lead to mold.


CUSTOM XTREMEDRY® PULLING CART – The entire solution fits snugly and securely on a custom designed pulling cart that includes a carrying tray for measurement devices and other essential equipment. The back panel design features educational material that highlights key steps in achieving successful drying results.


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