#1 Brushless Force Pet Dryer XPOWER B-8 & B-8S ELITE SERIES

$399*Org. $799-$849

* With Performance Feedback Program Discount


As the master distributor of XPOWER, Air Chaser will be working with one of the leading manufacturers in professional pet dryers in implementing a performance feedback program on the Elite Series, the only force dryers in the market which feature revolutionary brushless technology.


Your feedback will provide us and the manufacturer with valuable insights to improve and innovate the XPOWER Elite Series (B-8 and B-8S Brushless Force Dryers).


  • GET 50% OFF
  • First-Hand Experience on all XPOWER’s advanced brushless pet dryer technology and features
  • NO MORE Carbon Dust in Your Lungs
  • NO MORE Carbon Dust on Pet’s fur
  • Extended Warranty to 18 Months
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Terms & Conditions:

  • Buyer agrees to provide contact information and accepts periodic follow-up from Air Chaser, Inc.
  • Within the extended warranty period, XPOWER shall furnish all functional parts and labor necessary to restore the equipment to normal operating condition in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Warranty does not cover failure of equipment caused by misuse or accidents. Please consult Owner’s Manual for misuse details. Please contact XPOWER at 855-855-8868 for service.
  • Air Chaser will pay on the Buyer’s behalf the cost of labor, repair, replacement parts, and shipping fees in the event the equipment fails to operate as a result of manufacturer’s defect in workmanship or materials.
  • Buyer accepts that the following items are not covered: Wear items such as switch knobs, filters, housing, hoses, nozzle attachments, and filters.
  • Limit 1 item at discounted price per registered customer
  • Performance Feedback Program benefits is non-transferrable and only apply to the registered customer. Failure to register will result in cancelled orders


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The XPOWER Elite Series Pro Pet Dryers are unlike any commercial dog dryer in the market, with innovative features designed to give you, the groomer, precision control in air speed and temperature without sacrificing power. What sets the Elite Series apart from the standard high velocity dog grooming dryer is XPOWER’s revolutionary technology; equipped with a digital brushless motor, the Elite Series are able to eliminate maintenance downtime as well as harmful carbon dust emissions from carbon brush-wear, giving you a force pet dryer that offers higher dependability, consistent performance, maximum versatility in controls, and a healthier working environment for you and our furry friends. XPOWER believes in providing hardworking groomers with equipment that continues to evolve for the better, and ultimately allowing grooming to become easier and more effective so that you can give more attention to the pets that are serviced. For a limited time, XPOWER will be offering a special discount through the Performance Feedback Program, in partnership with XPOWER’s Master Distributor, Air Chaser Inc. Be sure to take advantage of this offer while supplies last!