Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Top 5 Most Practical & Usual Gifts For Moms

scented ionizer air mover
whole room air circulator
whole room air circulator
misting fans
home pet dryers
home pet dryers
pet grooming dryer equipment


Your mom is your truest friend and your biggest fan. Show her, and all the important women in your life, how much you care with the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Whether you’re shopping for your wife, mother, grandmother, stepmom, aunt, sister, or mother-in-law, Air Chaser offers a wide range of gifts such as Scented Ionizer Air Movers, Whole Room Circulators, Misting Fans, HEPA Air Purifier Air Scrubbers and more for mother’s day to perfectly capture your unique relationship. Shop the Mother’s Day gifts for moms guide to get some great Mother’s Day gift ideas and inspiration. Don’t have much time? No problem! Check out these same-day delivery service or our gifts that ship in a day or two.

Practically any mom will enjoy a healthier living environment where clean air is crucial to help her detox from the outside city pollution. Air purifying solutions include scented ionizers in refillable scented bead cartridge and HEPA 3-stage highly efficient air scrubbers. These are just a few practical yet unique gift ideas from Air Chaser to your believed mom or that special lady to show you care. Once you’ve found the gift that lets you celebrate all she means, we will work diligently to ensure the items will be delivered to her to her fast!



Give her the gift to say “Good Bye” to stinky odors and say “Hello” to freshness. Our Scented Air Movers are more effective and offer wider coverage compared to commercially available air fresheners. With wider coverage than average air freshener, XPOWER Scented Air Mover Series is perfect for creating the ideal scent environment for your home and business. Scented Fan Series offers versatile 4-angle blow directions, timer, built-in outlets, and a powerful airflow that can cover 2000 sq.ft or more. XPOWER Scented Air Mover unit is an ideal home and business scenting solution. Our scented air moving technology transforms any room into a scene of wonderful fragrances that fits your style while masking & neutralizing pesky odors from kitchen, pet, restrooms, mold, smoke and many other odor causing culprits. Choose from Citrus Bliss, Fresh Breeze, Lavender Vanilla, and Key Lime. Perfect for the office, home or business settings, the XPOWER scented air mover fan offers the scent & powerful airflow you need in a compact unit. Convenient 3-Speed Settings, 3-Hour Timer & Built-in Power Outlets that put her in full control to direct airflow exactly where and how she want it. NT units also feature an added ionizer that releases negative ions which bind to positively charged particles, effectively neutralizing them and cleaning the environment. Particles such as: smoke odor, airborne bacteria, allergens, harmful dust, and pet odors, are neutralized from her breathing space. Help her enjoy air quality that is similar to the crisp, fresh air that is found at the beach and in the mountains.



Whether heat is a daily fact of her life or she is gearing up for the hottest days of the year, she need a misting fan to stay cool during backyard outing when the temperatures rise. XPOWER Outdoor Misting Fan – Features FM-48 which is ideal for outdoor entertainment, camping, patios, picnics, & more. Add this portable and powerful misting fan to her outdoor deck, patio or garden and quickly enjoy the cooling effects that only a powerful misting fan like XPOWER FM-48 can provide. All she needs to start is a standard garden hose to transform this compact and portable fan into a mister to provide relief on a dry, hot day. This is the perfect and practical gift for her! Bonus point for its surprising ability to keep mosquitoes away on muggy and hot summer days!